Minister recognises “crucial” need to improve and maintain the Institute of Forensic Medicine

Praia, Dec 12 (Inforpress) – The Minister of Justice today recognised the “crucial” need to invest in improving and maintaining the Institute of Forensic Medicine so that it can reach its maximum operating potential and response capacity.

Joana Rosa made these statements while presiding over the opening ceremony of the workshop on “The new paradigm of Forensic Medicine in Cabo Verde”, held this morning in Praia.

In her speech, the minister emphasised that forensic medicine plays an irreplaceable role in the administration of justice and in preserving the integrity of the legal system in Cabo Verde, and that each examination, each detailed analysis carried out by professionals in this field, contributes to the search for the truth and the guarantee of individual rights.

“In Cabo Verde, we face an even more significant responsibility, because each verdict, each conclusion, shapes not only the fate of individuals, but also the trust that society places in our judicial system,” he emphasised, saying that the importance of this area extends beyond autopsy rooms and forensic laboratories.



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