Minister of Culture defends the need for Cabo Verde to assume cinema as “structuring sector” for tourism dissemination

Praia, Sep 8  (Inforpress) – The Minister of Culture, Abraão Vicente, today defended the need for the State to assume culture as a “priority” area in financing and to assume cinema as a structuring sector for its tourism dissemination.

The ruler defended this position in statements to journalists at the end of a courtesy visit he made today to the head of the Cabo Verdean Cinema and Audiovisual Association (ACACV), in the City of Praia, to be able to find out the association’s activity plan.

The head of the Culture and Creative Industries sector acknowledged the decent conditions in which the ACACV’s head of business operates, while noting that the ambition projected in the association’s business plan is not reflected in the headquarters.

“I expected the association to be better installed as of course, but these are other debates, but we need to give conditions, the association itself has the capacity to create these conditions,” he said, noting that if Cabo Verde wants to cooperate with countries such as Nigeria in terms of film production, the ACACV has to be better installed,  with a headquarters in the necessary technical conditions and equipment.



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