Maio: Municipal market sellers “outraged” with the Cabo Verde Interilhas company

Porto Inglês, Nov 6 (Inforpress) – The municipal market sellers of Maio say they are “outraged” with the maritime company Cabo Verde Interilhas (CV Interilhas), which “successively” has “left the goods at the port of Praia, even with shipment order” prepaid.

In fact, a group of vegetable and fruit sellers from the Maio municipal market approached Inforpress to express “indignation” on the what they consider a “lack of respect” on the part of that company.

Although it is doing its best to comply with the new rules imposed for the transportation of cargo and goods, according to the same source, the CV Interilhas company has nevertheless left its goods at the port of Praia.

According to the saleswoman Rosa Paula, although they are paying more to get their goods to the island, the workers of CV Interilhas company have left their goods on the Praia pier, claiming the lack of docker to place the goods including vegetables and fruits, so these goods will be retained in the company’s warehouse until Friday.



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