Maio: Frequent feed stock shortages leave livestock farmers “unhappy” and no alternatives

Porto Inglês, Aug 28 (Inforpress) – Frequent stock feed shortages in the local market leave livestock farmers “unhappy” in Maio, who say they are going through “major constraints” to feed their animals.

Distressed by this situation, which has been recurring frequently in recent months, livestock farmers turned to Inforpress to express their displeasure.

On behalf of colleagues, Maria Luísa Andrade Monteiro, a resident of Morrinho, said the situation is becoming increasingly “unbearable” as the amount of feed sent to the island has been negligible.

According to that livestock farmer, in recent weeks it has been “impossible” to get at least one bag of feed, or even corn, so she considered that they were going through “moments of distress”.



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