Maio: Fishmongers welcome start of fish market construction and call for deadline to be met

Porto Inglês, Jan 29 (Inforpress) – Fishmongers on the island of Maio today expressed satisfaction with the start of work on the construction of the fish market, but urged the city council to meet the deadline for the construction of project.

The market will be located in the old fish canning factory and, to Inforpress, some fishmongers expressed their joy, having been waiting “for several years” for this infrastructure.

Maria Bernardete Lopes, one of the oldest fishmongers on the island, said that in the past a place was built to sell fish, but that it did not meet the minimum conditions to carry out their work, which is why all the fishmongers in the city of Porto Ingles work in the street.

“We are selling our fish outdoors and often on the streets, under the sun, wind and dust, which is why we have been demanding the construction of a market with all the conditions that our profession deserves”, she declared.



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