Maio Biodiversity Foundation gives a positive assessment of the turtle protection campaign

Porto Inglés, 24 Oct (Inforpress) – The Maio Biodiversity Foundation today made a “positive assessment” of the sea turtle protection campaign in 2023, during which it registered 12 thousand nests.

Speaking to Inforpress, the coordinator of the campaign to protect sea turtles, Herval Silva, assured that they had managed to meet the objectives set for the season, which is practically in its final stretch.

Herval Silva highlighted that, due to some constraints, they only managed to cover just over 30 percent (%) of the beaches on the island, which is why he said he believes that several nests were left unregistered, adding that the rain also made it difficult, at times this type of work.

“This year we had a reduced number of monitors, which made it impossible for us to cover all the beaches, in addition to the fact that this work is carried out at a time when the municipality’s festivities are taking place, so some of the employees end up losing this work responsibility. “, he said.



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