Maio Biodiversity Foundation creates first nursery of native plants in the dunes of Morrinho

Porto Inglês, Maio 19 (Inforpress) – The coordinator of nature watchers Jairson da Veiga said today that the Maio Biodiversity Foundation has already completed the work on creating the first nursery of native plants existing in the dunes of Morrinho.

According to the same source, the choice fell on the existing dunes in the natural park north of Maio, with the aim of returning to that space some plants and trees, such as tarrafes, which over the years have been slaughtered by people who practice agriculture in that place.

The official explained that the purpose of creating the nursery is to reinforce the availability of native plants, with a view to replacing them with invasive plants, such as acacias, which constitute one of the threats to the original vegetation and agriculture.

“We want to increase the plants in the dunes of Morrinho, as there is also a certain amount of animals that eat these plants, especially when it rains,” he said, adding that during the work some invasive trees were also cut down, such as the American acacia, which is also considered by farmers to be a “threat to agriculture”.



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