Maio: Assistant Secretary of State of the Minister of State meets with associative leaders and young from Maio

Porto Inglês, May 17 (Inforpress) – The Assistant Secretary of State of the Minister of State Carlos do Canto Monteiro met this Thursday with young people to listen to their concerns and also presents them the government’s program for this layer.

In a conversation with Inforpress, Carlos do Canto Monteiro said that the creation of the Statute of the Cabo Verdean Institute for Sport and Youth (ICDJ), which is in its final phase, was in the pipeline, so they wanted to collect the contributions from young people for the implementation of this Institute.

As the head of the youth sector has pointed out, there is some “complaint” from the youth groups that need funding and there is no institution that can support them in this sense, something that in his opinion can be solved with the creation of this institute.

Carlos Monteiro said that they intend to empower youth groups and for this he stated that “we need to give the proper tools so that they can carry out their activities with the youth community, because they are the actors par excellence amongst young people, because they are who work with the youth on a day-to-day basis and realize the real needs of young people”.



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