Maio: ADPM wants to consolidate projects funded in the year of the end of activities

Porto Inglês, Jan 23 (Inforpress) – The Association for the Development of the Heritage of Mértola (Portugal) wants to focus its attention and consolidate the funded projects in the year of the end of the activities, as announced today by the association’s representative, Leonor Melo.

Speaking to Inforpress, Leonor Melo, coordinator of the ” Maio20/25″ project, said that so far a number of projects in different areas have already been funded and stressed that this will be the year in which all the planned and funded activities should be completed by December of this year, as the ” Maio 20/25″ project is due to formally close in April 2025.

Therefore, he said that they want to work in a network, which is why they hope for a “Djunta mo” (partnership), so that they can successfully implement the projects that have been benefited so that they will bring benefits to the people of Maio.

“Because it is very difficult here, but we are going to invest heavily in this this year”, he said, informing that they have already launched three support for third parties, one for agriculture, another for civil society and another for business support, highlighting that they are to monitor closely and that, despite one or two delays, they are on the “right track”.



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