JPAI demands “clear policies” and government action to combat youth unemployment in Cabo Verde

Praia City, 29 Jan (Inforpress) – The Youth of the African Party of Independence (JPAI) today pointed to unemployment and lack of income as the “greatest difficulties” facing youth and demanded Government policies to absorb young people leaving universities.

The president of the JPAI, Fidel Cardoso, at a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Praia, pointed out that the current situation in the country, with the “sudden loss” of purchasing power, “makes it clear” that we must “change the speech” that “young people are the future, when in reality they are also part of the present”

According to Fidel Cardoso, the prime minister “has disillusioned young Cape Verdeans” with “long promises” of employment without actually leaving the “plan of intentions and goodwill in a vague way and without associated goals or evidence”.

According to the JPAI, the youth “are not at the center of the MpD’s governance” and therefore demand action from the party to minimize the “damage caused by the increase in purchasing power, loss of income and unemployment”.



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