Janira Hopffer Almada promises to work for “outrage” so the country has a woman prime minister

Calheta, Sao Miguel, Apr 1 (Inforpress) – The president of the African Party of Independence of Cabo Verde (PAICV- opposition party) has pledged yesterday in São Miguel, Santiago Island, which will continue to work by”outrage” so that the country has a woman as prime minister.

“I want to promise you [women] (…) that, from today, I will work for outrage and for each one of you. I am going to work to rescue this country and to have more voice and to show that it is PAICV that will bring innovation electing a woman to prime minister of Cabo Verde”, revealed, referring to the next legislative elections of 2021 and being leader of the party is candidate to prime minister.

Janira Hopffer Almada expressed this intention during a conversation with women militants, friends and supporters of the PAICV on “The challenges of women’s participation in politics”, promoted today in São Miguel by the National Federation of Women of PAICV (FNMPAI) and the Commission Regional Policy for North Santiago (CRP-SN), in the central act of closing the activities of the “Month of March, Women’s Month”.

The PAICV leader, who warned that she will continue to fight for Cabo Verde to have a female prime minister, “increasingly with more strength, courage and determination”, took the opportunity to clarify that when it is said that Cabo Verdean women do not are prepared to govern and  you will not vote for a woman who is not an offense to her [Janira Hopffer Almada], but to every Cabo Verdean woman.



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