HIV/AIDS: Cabo Verde invests in young people abstinence and elimination of vertical transmission

Praia, Nov 30 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde is investing in abstinence of young people and the elimination of HIV in vertical transmission, aiming for a zero transmission certificate in 2024, the executive secretary of the Coordinating Committee to Combat Aids (CCS/Aids) told Inforpress.

Celina Ferreira was speaking on the occasion of World Aids Day, which takes place on 1st December under the slogan “Community leadership to end Aids”, and said that the aim of this action is to eliminate HIV through vertical transmission by 2024.

According to the official, in this area, existing data indicates that around 80 pregnant women are registered each year with HIV, of which around 50 have always been aware of their status and have followed treatment.

“Right now we are in the context of eliminating HIV and, in 2024, we will do everything to eliminate vertical transmission, that is, from mother to child. To achieve this, we have challenges for 2030 with preparing the three thousand people living with HIV to take their medicine to achieve an undetectable viral load, working with teenagers and young people”, he highlighted.



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