Head of State urges authorities to improve accessibility to remote locations

Cidade Velha, Apr 11 (Inforpress) – The Chief of State urged authorities on Wednesday to redouble efforts to improve access to remote locations in Ribeira Grande, such as Pico Leão, to facilitate development “little by little” to all points of the country.

Jorge Carlos Fonseca, in his visit to the municipality of Ribeira Grande of Santiago, acknowledges that, despite its low population density, this county appears as a large territory, with 164 square kilometers, a surface higher than the municipality of Praia, but the access should be improved while waiting for the construction of an appropriate road.

After listening to all the concerns raised by the residents, Fonseca said that he will analyze the problems raised with the Government, in an attempt “to try to solve little by little the concerns so that people’s lives can improve, as a people of an independent and democratic country.

For the Head of State, independence and democracy must be associated with the improvement and progress of the people’s living conditions in the different areas, namely culture, education, health, communication and work.



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