Group of 30 Cabo Verdean fellows travel to China to attend  master’s and doctoral degree courses

Praia, Aug 23 (Inforpress) – A group of 30 new Cabo Verdean fellows will travel in the coming days to the People’s Republic of China to attend undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees at leading universities in that country.

The fellows, selected under the cooperation between China and Cabo Verde were on Monday, 16, at a pre-trip dinner, hosted by the Chinese ambassador Du Xiaocong and attended by the Minister and Secretary of State for Education, Maritza Rosabal and Amadeu Cruz, respectively.

Of the group of scholarship holders, 17 were selected by the access to higher education service, 13 for undergraduate, two for master’s degree and two for doctorate, and the other part through the Embassy, ​​according to information provided by the Directorate-General for Higher Education.

According to the Assistant Secretary of State for Education, Amadeu Cruz, soon new group of students should travel to attend higher education courses in other countries, namely Portugal, Morocco, Hungary, Russia, Brazil and others.



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