Government considers that the nurses “is essential” for the success of any public health policy

Praia, Nov 21 (Inforpress) – The Minister of State and Parliamentary Affairs said nurses are “unavoidable for the success of any public health policy,” a profession that requires “high ethical sense and unlimited dedication”.

“It is these values ​​and principles that make nurses greatness,” admitted Fernando Elísio, when he presided over the opening act of the first International Nursing Congress in Cabo Verde, an event that marks ten years of higher education in the sector.

For the ruler, the nurses are the “fundamental pillar” of any health system and the Government has been working to “value and dignify increasingly” this profession and make these professionals a “real interlocutor” of the Ministry of Health in the definition of public policies for the sector.

According to Fernando Elísio Freire, this is how in the last three years the Government has been able to approve, in parliament, the new nursing career, as well as the statutes that create the Nurses Association. He announced “soon” the entry of 179 nurses in the National Health System, totaling, according to the minister, about one thousand professionals of this health area, which will “improve the ratio nurse per inhabitant”.




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