Google honors Cesária Évora on the day she turned 78

Praia,  Aug 27 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean singer Cesária Évora, who died in December 2011, is today honored by the US multinational online services and software company, Google, which would celebrate the 78th anniversary if she were alive.

Google made a mind-blowing doodle to celebrate the Cabo Verdean singer’s 78th birthday on August 27th.

Google Doodles are personalized versions of the searcher’s logo to celebrate dates such as holidays, birthdays, and the lives of artists, scientists, and pioneers in several areas. Some of them are interactive experiences or games that may be a good option to pass the time. There are classics like Pac Man and Magic Cube, and even games developed by Google itself.

The Google doodle made today in honor of Cesária Évora is designed to look like the Queen of Morna is packing the people of Cabo Verde with her “mesmerizing voice,” as the international press explains.



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