GlobalMedia Company creates 3D Electronic Magazine to promote tabanca around the world

Praia, Aug 13 (Inforpress) – The GlobalMedia company manager has created a 3D electronic magazine to promote tabanca, national intangible heritage, in the country and in Diaspora communities.

Speaking to Inforpress today, José Valdemiro Lopes explained that after learning that the tabanca was elevated to national intangible heritage, he decided to design this magazine for a “wider dissemination” of this cultural event and to have an “impact on the diversification of the “Cabo Verdean tourism offer”.

José Valdemiro Lopes argued that the tabanca, besides being a popular cultural manifestation, is a symbol of the “Cabo Verdean popular resistance” that resisted the “perverse” colonizer  ideas who did not want Cabo Verdeans to express their culture, that is why we need to promote and value it.

This electronic magazine, he said, contains video, audio and images with global information about tabanca, as you suggested, how this cultural manifestation is made among other subjects.



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