Fogo: Two Agostinho Neto orthopedists support São Francisco de Assis regional hospital

São Filipe, Aug 8 (Inforpress) – Two orthopedists from the Dr. Agostinho Neto Central Hospital will arrive Friday to the island to support the São Francisco de Assis regional hospital in the ​​orthopedics area.

The trip fits within the agreement between the Ministry of Health and the Agostinho Neto Central Hospital, an initiative that aims to decentralize and fill some shortages of specialties the regional hospital have, such as orthopedics, but which is an urgent need to the island, in the words of the hospital director, Evandro Monteiro.

According to the official, transferring patients from the orthopedics area of ​​this hospital to the central hospital today represents between 40 to 50 percent (%) and although he does not believe and does not expect this initiative to solve the transfer of patients, but if you can handle half of these transfers, it would be a huge gain for the whole system, the hospital and the Fogo / Brava health area.

“With this initiative we want to resolve the transfers, perform orthopedic surgery and follow up postoperatively, avoiding all such transfers, consultations and flow of patients linked to the orthotraumatological disease,” said the director of the hospital, to whom this type of agreement represents “very important gains” for the region.



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