Fogo: President of the energy and climate forum raises awareness among Teixeira de Sousa high school students about climate change

São Filipe, Sep 27 (Inforpress) – The president of the energy and climate forum, Ricardo Campos, promoted for two days, at Dr. Teixeira de Sousa High School, a campaign to raise awareness among students about climate change.

The forum is an organization created with people from all countries that make up the Portuguese-speaking Community, and with representatives from civil society, and its objective, according to Ricardo Campos, is to raise awareness of civil society, especially the youngest to this issue.

Raise awareness, according to him, occurs through a “very grounded and simple” explanation of why climate has become “a big problem” today and why temperatures are rising all over the planet.

During the awareness, the forum president, besides explaining the whole problem, defended the acceleration of the energy transition as the way of the circular economy and a revolution for what will be a more sustainable economy.



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