Fogo: Municipality of Mosteiros was installed 27 years ago with the Installing Committee members taking office

São Filipe, Mar 20 (Inforpress) – The municipality of Mosteiros, created in 1991 by Law No. 23/IV/91, of December 30, was installed on March 20, 1992, with the with the Installing Committee members taking office of the Municipality of Mosteiros, 27 years ago.
Located in the northeast part of Fogo island, bordering the municipalities of Santa Catarina do Fogo (south) and São Filipe (north), the Installation Commission was composed of a president, Domingos Centeio, and four members, Fausto do Rosario (São Filipe), Nicolau Gomes, Artur Barbosa e Rosério Rodrigues, all from Mosteiros and residing at the time in the village of Igreja, today a city with the same name.
The event was chaired by the then Minister of Internal Affairs, Mário Ramos Pereira Silva, who served as municipal secretary, Pedro José da Rosa, official of the internal administration, born in Mosteiros, today emigrant in the United States of America.
Domingos Centeio was replaced two years later (April 19, 1994), by Hugo Irineu Duarte Fonseca Montrond Rodrigues “Hugo Rodrigues” who would lose the first municipal elections for Julio Correia, the first Mayor of Mosteiros, elected by the PAICV party’s list in the local elections of 1996 (January 21, 1996), having the constitutive session of the first municipal assembly held on February 9, 1996 with Sidónio Fontes Lima Monteiro, president, Rosério Rodrigues, vice president and José Manuel Rodrigues , as secretary.
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