Fogo: More than 200 spawning nests and 330 turtle tracks identified on the beaches and Rombos Islet

São Filipe, Jul 31 (Inforpress) – The Vitó Project has identified more than 200 nesting spawns and 330 turtle tracks on the beaches of Fogo and Rombos Islet, as part of the turtle conservation campaign, which began on July 7.

The Project Conservation and Sustainable Use of Resources Project Vitó, according to its Executive Director, Herculano Dinis, identified in Fogo Island about 50 nests with the highest incidence in Fonte Bila beach (São Filipe), Praia Grande (Santa Catarina) and Praia de Cais (Mosteiros), as well as other beaches as the project is covering this year all the beaches in the three municipalities.

In Rombos Islet, according to the same, the team has already identified a total of 333 tracks and 179 nests, at a time when it is still early in the campaign and, therefore, believes that the number of nests and tracks will grow “exponentially”.

Project Executive Director Vitó said the campaign is running “very well” as this year it is working in partnership with the delegations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) of Fogo and Brava Islands, Propesca Association and City Halls from Fogo island, namely Santa Catarina which, according to Herculano Dinis, has been the main partner.



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