Fogo: Island has always had Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes with water tanks and plant pots as main nurseries – delegate Saúde

São Filipe, 09 Jan (Inforpress) – The island of Fogo has always had above-average Aedes Egypti mosquitoes and the main breeding grounds are water tanks and plant pots inside homes, revealed a survey carried out at the end of the year.

The information was provided on Monday, 8th, by the São Filipe Health Delegate, Joana Alves, during the meeting of the Municipal Health Commission to update data on dengue fever throughout the island, with the highest incidence in the municipality of São Filipe.

“We’ve always had above-average Aedes Egypti mosquitoes, because people like to store water in jerry cans and keep water in plant pots,” she said, emphasising that although the island has a large number of cisterns, both family and public, these are not the main breeding grounds, since the highest incidence of dengue-carrying mosquitoes is in people’s own homes

According to her, during the research carried out last December, the team found many larvae of Aedes Egypti mosquitoes in drums and plant pots, showing concern about the emigrants’ residences that are closed and under the care of family members.



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