Fogo: Intermunicipal Assembly of the Municipalities of Fogo and Brava Association meets with restructuring of GDR in agenda

São Filipe, July 3 (Inforpress) – The members of the Intermunicipal Assembly of the municipalities of Fogo and Brava Association are meeting today in São Filipe, in the second ordinary session of the 2016/20 mandate to analyze the issue of the restructuring of the Regional Development Office (GDR).

For this session, the second session of the Intermunicipal Assembly since the local elections, which take place at the premises of the São Filipe Municipal Assembly, and the members of the Intermunicipal Fogo / Brava will analyze the rules of the assembly and approve the first amendment of the Municipalities of Fogo e Brava Association statutes (AMFB), to assess and approve the AMFB’s activities and budget plan for 2019, as well as the restructuring of the Regional Development Office (GDR) staff. AMFB,

The Mayor Iof Santa Catarina, Alberto Nunes, contacted by Inforpress said that management tools, business plan and budget, as proposed by the general assembly, but as it is planned to restructure the staff, there is a predisposition that they should be elaborated by the new framework and it would not be good for an external body to draw up the plan and budget and impose on the new framework.

Although the management tools are to be done in consultation with the City Halls, at the session, the members of the governing council (Mayors) will propose that it be the group that will lead the GDR to draw up the new budget and activity plan for the the needs of the four municipalities and it is likely that this point will be removed from the agenda for this session.



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