Fogo: Fogo Coffee Spirit defends creation of authority to determine  harvesting season and inspection of coffee quality

São Filipe, Mar 12 (Inforpress) – The head of the Fogo Coffee Spirit company today defended the creation of a competent authority to mark the date of the Fogo coffee harvesting season, to guarantee the maintenance of the product good quality.

In statements to Inforpress, Amarildo Baessa said that this year there was some precipitation at the beginning of the harvest, which contributed to the poor quality of the product.

This, he added, led the company to reject the product because, he explained, there were mixtures of ripe and green cherries, which meant recruiting additional labor to separate the high percentage of green.

With climatic changes recorded during January and February, with rainfall and low temperature, the exposed part of the cherries appeared matured, while the lower part was green, he said.

According to the source from Fogo Coffee Spirit, in the absence of the authority to set the date of the harvesting season, many producers started picking, and the contracted people were not careful to pick only the ripe cherries.



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