Fogo/ Festivities of Municipality: Almost 400 small operators compete for about 80 tents

São Filipe, April 11 (Inforpress) – Almost four hundred small traders and economic operators signed up for the exploration of 80 tents inside Presídio square, the main stage of the festivities, horse racing track and nearby during the festivities.

For the 30 tents that will be installed inside the Presídio square, 243 people have applied for, and this year the City Hall has been charged one thousand escudos, which, according to some operators, will not be refunded if the operator is not contemplated with the tent, whose attribution will be made by lottery, which takes place today at Casa das Bandeiras.

Only with the registration, the City Hall has already collected the just over 240 thousand escudos, which is added to the rent of the tents, which is 35,000 escudos per tent, plus 7.000 last year, which, by the accounts of some operators, only with registration and rental the City Hall collects more than a million escudos.

In order to allocate tents near the Presídio`s square and on the horse race track, 46 and 42 people were enrolled respectively, totaling 88 participants.



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