Fogo: Electra cuts power supply to two water boreholes for agriculture in Mosteiros

São Filipe, Sep 11 (Inforpress) – The electricity company (Electra) has cut off the power supply for the operation of two water drilling boreholes for the massification of the irrigation project in the municipality of Mosteiros for accumulated debts of over 3 million escudos.

The two boreholes that supply water to horticulturists in the lower Mosteiros area, from Fajãzinha to the city of Igreja, are managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) and according to a source from the City Hall of Mosteiros, the accumulated debt, which comes from as of September 2016, this totals 3.234.000 escudos, for the supply of energy.

Councilman Jaime Monteiro Júnior, who replaces the Mayor Carlos Fernandinho Teixeira, who is on a mission to Portugal, contacted by Inforpress, said that the City Hall has already reported the incident to the MAA delegate on the island who informed him that the Budget Director from the Ministry is negotiating debt repayment with Electra.

According to the mayor, since last week the electricity company stopped supplying energy and given that the lower area of Mosteiros has not yet registered the fall of precipitation, the horticulturists, whose plants are in production, are concerned about the situation.



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