Fogo: Doctors from the University of Coimbra interested in implementing project related to women’s health

São Filipe, Jun 11 (Inforpress) – Two women doctors from the University of Coimbra (Portugal) want to implement a project on women’s health in the municipality of Santa Catarina, said the Mayor of Santa Catarina on the return of a visit to the municipality of Miranda do Corvo (Portugal).

Miranda do Corvo which borders Coimbra and Alberto Nunes said that he had a working meeting with the two doctors who work at the University of Coimbra and they were selecting a municipality for the implementation of the project, adding that the choice ended up being the municipality of Santa Catarina do Fogo.

The mayor, who defended “something long-lasting” in the matter of women’s health during the meeting promoted by the two doctors, proposed the creation of conditions for nurses with higher education to specialize in the University of Coimbra in the area of ​​women’s health, with the commitment of, in the return, to render service in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

In addition to the specialization of nurses, the mayor also asked that, given the conditions, they could provide “sophisticated equipment” for when the nurses finish their specialization to have the instruments to put into practice what they learned at the University.



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