Fogo: Chã das Caldeiras Interpretative Center is in the process of drawing up – Minister of Infrastructure

São Filipe, Feb 11 (Inforpress) – The project to draw up the Chã das Caldeiras Interpretative Center is under preparation and the construction will coincide with the completion of the other works that the Ministry of Infrastructure is carrying out in that location.

On her last visit to Fogo Island, earlier this month, the Minister of Infrastructure, Eunice Silva, told Inforpress that Chã das Caldeiras will have an interpretive center and the technicians from the ministry are on the ground working on its elaboration.

The construction of this center, she said, should culminate with execution of other works that the Ministry of Infrastructure is carrying out in Chã das Caldeiras, such as the technical and road network, new settlement, alternative road between Chã das Caldeiras / Piorno / Campanas de Cima, second phase of the educational complex, health center, among other ongoing or planned interventions for the locality.

The Chã das Caldeiras interpretive center will be located in the village of Portela, close to the site where the headquarters building of the Natural Park of Fogo (PNF) was built, which includes other services such as the municipal delegation and a police post and should occupy an area with ​​more than 400 square meters.

The construction of a network of interpretive and reception centers is part of the Fogo Island tourism master plan that was socialized in July 2019, in a workshop served to identify priority projects whose implementation will translate into the development of the tourism sector.



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