Fogo: Carnival groups from São Filipe are working to “enchant” and win the title

São Filipe, Feb 4 (Inforpress) – The three carnival groups from São Filipe who have already confirmed their participation in the official parade are working to bring a top level Carnival and to win the title.

In addition to the Mar Azul group, from the Beltchés neighborhood, last year’s winner, and Fogo em Chama, who participated in the last edition of Carnival in São Filipe, this year the Faxa da Terra group is back, after two years of absence, from the III Congresso neighborhood.

The head of the Faxa da Terra group, Victor Gonçalves, told Inforpress that this return after two years represents “a lot of attitude” and unity again in the group, stressing that the group has a work team.

“Faxa should not be left out of Carnival, because Faxa is Carnival of Fogo, it is in the history of Carnival and as many people were asking, we decided to form a strong work team to participate and win”, said Victor Gonçalves, indicating that the group has an “excellent theme” and is working towards a good Carnival and to win.

He, like those responsible for the other groups, does not reveal the theme to be portrayed for now, but said that “it is very pertinent, it gives a chance to work on a lot of current history in Cabo Verde” and that is why he thinks the group will do a “big Carnival” this year.



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