Fogo: Bottling of Monte Vermelho spring water is the purpose of Águabrava company for 2020 – Rui Évora

São Filipe, Jan 6 (Inforpress) – Bottling and marketing Monte Vermelho spring water in Mosteiros is one of the “great purposes” of the Inter-municipal Water Company (Águabrava) for the year 2020, said the administrator / delegate, Rui Évora.

The official said that for the installation of a water bottling unit the company will carry out, in the first quarter of this year, the economic feasibility study to ascertain the feasibility of the initiative.

Évora said that at the end of last year the company made a “major intervention” with the reactivation of water exploration from the Monte Vermelho spring, which had been inoperative for over two years, mobilizing an additional of 400 cubic meters / day of water to the municipality of Mosteiros.

Starting this year, he explained, the company will analyze how to make the best use of this water, which, according to him, has “good qualities” to be bottled.

In total of salts (conductivity) the spring water of Monte Vermelho has 260 microsiemens per centimeters, when the maximum recommended is two thousand microsiemens and therefore, according to the manager / delegate of Águabrava, has all the conditions to be bottled and marketed.



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