Fogo: Águabrava resumes exploration of water from the Monte Vermelho spring in Mosteiros

São Filipe,  Nov 6 (Inforpress) – The Intermunicipal Water Company (Águabrava) is finalizing work to reactivate, within two weeks, the exploitation of water from the Monte Vermelho spring, in Mosteiros, avoiding daily loss of 350 tons of water.

Águabrava’s administrator / delegate, Rui Évora, told Inforpress that since the start of exploring the Rocha Fora borehole, the company, in an “incomprehensible” way, has stopped exploring spring water, which flows daily to the ocean, underlining that the technical conditions for the resumption of good quality spring water exploitation are now being created.

With the reactivation of the spring exploration, in addition to avoiding the loss of much than 350 tons of water / day that flows to the ocean, the company could also reduce the costs of water exploration in the municipality of Mosteiros by 45 to 50 percent.

In addition to resuming exploration of this spring in the northern part of the island, the company equipped one of its own boreholes, whose water was injected into the network to supply the north and northwest area of the island.



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