Fogo: Águabrava awaits response from ANAS regarding meeting to negotiate the issue of water for agriculture

São Filipe, 20 Oct (Inforpress) – The Intermunicipal Water Company, Águabrava, has already requested a meeting with the National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANAS) to negotiate the issue of water tariffs for agriculture in the Fogo/Brava Region, a source revealed from Águabrava.

The acting president of the General Assembly of Águabrava, Fábio Vieira, told Inforpress that following the deliberation of the last assembly held last August, the administrator/delegate began the negotiation process with ANAS requesting a meeting to analyze the tariff water for agriculture.

“The administrator/delegate requested a meeting with ANAS and we are awaiting feedback from the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment (MAA) and then in a meeting between Águabrava, ANAS and the Government, we can assess the most appropriate measures to take in relation to irrigation water management in the Fogo/Brava region”, said the president of the General Assembly of the intermunicipal company.

The problem of water management for agriculture in the Fogo/Brava Region was analyzed by the shareholders of the company Águabrava at the last general meeting and they came to the conclusion that the management of irrigation water is resulting in more costs than benefits for the company, taking into account that the cost of water production is estimated at 192 escudos/cubic meter and the price of water for irrigation is 62 escudos per cubic meter, less than a third of the production value.



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