Fogo: 16 project proposals analyzed today by the National Steering Committee of the Small Grants Program

São Filipe, 26 Oct (Inforpress) – A total of 16 project proposals linked to environmental protection will be analyzed today, on the island of Fogo, by the National Steering Committee (CNP) of the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Fund ( GEF SGP).

The national coordinator of the GEF SGP, Ricardo Monteiro, said that this institution received an envelope with 16 projects that will be assessed by the CNP, one of which is from the island of Fogo, in the town of Ribeira Filipe, in the north. He explained that it is a project that responds to “exactly what happened about two months ago”, that is, it aims to combat climate change and its impacts in order to benefit the people who work in this location.

Comparing to other times when the GEF SGP received 14 projects from the island of Fogo, this year’s number was considered “few” and perhaps due to a lack of organization of civil society organizations, I therefore defend the revitalization of the island’s associations in the sense of submitting applications, remembering that they can do so in Portuguese.

On the other hand, he defended the need to think about a next phase for the Onda Verde project in the town of Lomba which, according to him, needs special attention due to the fact that the area was the target of a fire plus the impact of rain, adding that there are two reasons for the program to reinvest or bring in partners who can help.



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