Ficase is negotiating with City Halls to merge school transport programs

Praia, Sep 24 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean Foundation for Social and School Action (Ficase) is negotiating with City Halls to merge the school transport programs of the two entities in order to optimize resources and ensure it sustainability.

The information was presented today by the Foundation’s president, Albertino Fernandes, who, however, expects the conclusion of the negotiations for the realization of this intention for the next school year.

Albertino Fernandes, who was speaking at a conference about the beginning of the school year, said that the school transport program is, by law, an assignment of the municipalities, which, however, do not fully comply with it due to lack of resources, hence the intervention of the Ministry of Education through Ficase.

“We understand that the municipalities do not fully assume this responsibility for lack of money. However, they have the school transportation program. So we thought it would be unnecessary for the Ministry of Education, in this case for Ficase, to have a parallel program as well. In this way, we are unable to manage the beneficiaries who are the students,” he said.



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