E-GOV project: More than 300 institutions are already connected to fiber optic networks

Praia, Nov 7 (Inforpress) – The e-GOV project has already installed fiber optics in more than 300 institutions in different central and local government areas and has provided 44 WebLabs lab infrastructures in the country’s various schools, NOSI announced.

According to a press release from the Operational Nucleus of the Information Society (NOSI), the initiative is part of the e-GOV II Project, funded by the Governments of Cabo Verde and China, which aims to ensure improved access to the State network, improve broadband indicators, Internet in schools, general Internet penetration and info-exclusion.

“The first phase of the project ended in August and allowed the installation of new equipment in the Data Center, supply of 44 WebLabs lab infrastructures installed in several schools in all municipalities of the country, but also the connection of fiber optic networks in several secondary schools and some central public institutions,” reads the note.

NOSI also informs that it was possible to structure local networks, install WI-FI networks to create and improve internal communication capacity in these institutions and to facilitate mobility.



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