Digital governance requires technologies and human resources and requires trust and transparency, vice-prime-prime

Praia, Nov 15 (Inforpress) – The Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Economy today recalled that the construction of the digital governance that is desired for the country requires strong investment in technologies and human resources and that it demands, above all, trust and transparency.

Olavo Correia, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the workshop on Telecommunications Statistical Indicators (TIC), which is taking place in Praia from the 15th to the 16th, also pointed out that Cabo Verde’s benchmark in this area should be the world, which is why there should be indicators to show where the country is in relation to the world and to the best.

“The economy is growing by 5 per cent today, but when compared to what the Cape Verdean market needs in terms of job creation and expanding the middle class, performance is poor, so we have to go from 5 per cent potential growth to 10 per cent, otherwise we’ll maintain the status score,” he said, pointing to digital as the easiest way to turn a “small economy into a big economy”.

He noted that technologies should be used as an accelerator for good management of climate action and at the economic level to create jobs for young people, and recalled that education in terms of technology and the power of communication must be mirrored in schools and communities.



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