Diaspora: Living with Cabo Verdeans leads Portuguese musician to sing in Creole

Praia, Aug 14 (Inforpress) – Premonition XX9ine,  artistic name of Rafael Lubrano, is a young Portuguese resident in Luxembourg, but due to his coexistence with the Cabo Verdean community he fell in love with the Creole language, leading him to record four singles in Creole

Speaking to Inforpress today, via messenger, Premonition XX9ine, who released his first single in June this year, said that although he has only been publicizing his work now, he has been writing poetry and writing for the past two years, now lyrics in Creole, Portuguese and English.

This 22-year-old has lived in Luxembourg for nine years and has always lived with the Cabo Verdean community in this country. This coexistence, he revealed, made him consider himself Creole today, as his mother tongue, since he speaks Creole every day.

On digital platforms, this young man who is the nephew of Cabo Verdean artist Suzana Lubrano already has the songs “Kuze qui da errado” (what went wrong), “En sta de volta” (I’m back), “Nina bo é linda ”(Girl you are beautiful).



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