CVMA: Denis Graça resigns nomination for best kizomba and denounces “clear signs of convenience”

Praia, Apr 02 (Inforpress) – Artist Denis Graça resigned his nomination for the Cabo Verde Music Awards (CVMA) 2019, on his Facebook page, denied being a singer of the kizomba rhythm and spoke in “clear signs of convenience” coming from the organization.

“We do not do kizomba”, wrote Denis Graça in a letter published in the aforementioned social network, in which the artist denied being a singer of that musical genre from Angola and assumed himself as “Mr. Cabo Zouk” that boasts his Cabo Verdean origins.

In addition to disagreeing with his nomination, with the song “Tudo pa bo”, alongside “Pertan” by Josslyn and “A fila anda”, sung by Djodje and Jimmy P, Denis Graça mentioned “clear signs of convenience” coming from the organization.

In his publication he said: “Those who hang on jumping from branch to branch, changing body and clothing, and sequences of invitations, cronyism and other interests, having, supposedly formed an ‘all terrain’ group to pleasure, to award prizes, most of the time without merit, and with clear signs of convenience”.



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