COVID-19 / Resumption of classes: Teachers’ unions consider e-learning impractical in Cabo Verde

Praia, Apr 14 (Inforpress) – Teachers’ unions are not very receptive to the Ministry of Education’s proposal to resume classes with the e-learning system, and consider automatic pass grade to be an unreasonable alternative.

Speaking to Inforpress, the president of the Democratic Teachers’ Union (Sindprof), Ligia Herbert, said that e-learning would be a good alternative if the country were able to do so.

In addition to the lack of equipment, she adds that there are still problems related to media such as radio, television and the internet, whose signals are very weak, and there are still places where there is no signals.

“We cannot implement e-learning, where some students will be left behind,” she said, questioning whether there will be mechanisms to ensure that all students have access to classes and whether all teachers are prepared to do this e-learning system.



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