COVID-19 / Praia: Officials warn that “many other cases will arise” if people do not respect distance

Praia, May 6 (Inforpress) – The national health director today warned against the risk of an increase in “the number of cases” of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Praia, if people do not respect the distance measures.

Artur Correia, who was speaking at the usual press conference on the evolution of the pandemic, said that many other cases are expected in Praia and as the number of cases increases, the number of deaths may also increase.

The health official added that in order to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus in the Cabo Verdean capital, it will depend on what “everyone is capable of doing”, both the Ministry of Health, the population and partners.

At the meeting with journalists, where he presented the daily statement on the situation of COVID-19 in Cabo Verde, the national health director noted the existence of a suspicious case in São Filipe (Fogo) and 11 confirmed cases in Praia. He also informed that in the country there are 252 pending samples, of which 218 are from Praia and 18 from Boa Vista.



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