COVID-19: Cabo Verdean companies in the United States benefit from employment protection fund

Praia, May 8 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verdean Consul in Boston revealed that many small Cabo Verdean companies in the USA benefit from the employment protection fund, through an application approved with the Treasury, which ensures workers’ wages.

Hermínio Moniz gave this interview to Inforpress, and has explained that it is an initiative included in the set of policies adopted by the US government to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, integrated within the scope of economic calamity policies.

“They do not have an evident economic growth impact, but they do have an impact, above all, to prevent the crisis have a much stronger and longer effect on the economy. Unfortunately, this is the reality and the United States still needs to take some time to reach the level of growth”, he said.

Regarding the “undocumented” Cabo Verdean migrants, the Consul admits that the reality is much more difficult and this situation leaves consulate in an uncomfortable situation, so that Cabo Verdeans in a situation of economic vulnerability are more fragile because the Massachusetts does not have a program for those are illegal.



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