City Hall of Praia presents details of the works progress in Gamboa

Praia, Apr 30 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Praia presented a set of details that show the works progress in Gamboa, pointing to a profound transformation with “enormous impact” on this seafront of the capital.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the City Hall adds that a set of reconstruction works are under way in Gamboa, whose purpose is to transform the “big bay” of the beach facing the ocean, linking this area of ​​the city with the various points of the capital.

It states that the construction process is at an early stage, with earthworks, which aim to improve the soil’s ability to ensure the greenfield plantation, with land placement for correction of the saline-sodic land characteristic.

Thus, explains the note, allowing the crop of plants and plant species to develop in that area.



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