City Hall of Praia points out “manipulations and untruths” around the treatment of dogs

Praia, Jun 18 (Inforpress) – The City Hall of Praia pointed out this Monday that there have been “gross misrepresentations” regarding the City Hall’s policies in the treatment of street dogs, which “even revolve around manipulation and untruths”.

This position was defended to the press by the councilman of the Culture, Jose António Lopes da Silva, advancing that the City Hall staff responsible ones were astonished in the way that in the last days has been treated the subject, by an association named responsible communities that, “apparently, in terms of responsibility have very little”.

As he explained, the City Hall had held a meeting in which various institutions participated, such as the Praia Health Office, the Ministry of Environment, Pró Praia, security institutions, NGOs and associations, to discuss this problem, “a situation that undermines public health”.

In this line, he emphasized, the City Hall, together with associations in the defense of the animal, reached the conclusion that policies of castration, de-worming and raise awareness among citizens should be adopted.



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