Chiquinho Artists Group Project opens artistic residency in São Nicolau

Praia, Aug 1 (Inforpress) – The Chiquinho Artists Group opens from the August 1st the artist residency program, Stanxa Creative Center, which will host five artists until  September 15 in the city of Ribeira Brava in São Nicolau.

According to the member and director of this association, Sara Estrela, the concept of Stanxa Creative Center is that the city of Ribeira Brava becomes the physical space for the development of the residence. The same source said one of the program’s main features is to establish a close sharing relationship between the artist and the local communities.

“Participants will be welcomed by the city with all its surroundings, and will benefit from a much richer and more real environment at its essence. As a result, local people will benefit from contact with international participants, familiarizing themselves with new languages, thoughts and backgrounds,” explained Sara Estrela.

According to Sara Estrela, in the short term, as a result, an “invasion” of contemporary art and artistic activity is expected each summer in Ribeira Brava, in a comprehensive way.

In the long term, she said, the perspective is that the Ribeira Brava Valley is a reference, a national focus of contemporary art, with a sensitive audience and a generation of daring artists in the national scene. The artistic residence Stanxa Creative Center is supported by City Hall of Ribeira Brava, the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries (MCIC) and other partners.



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