Carnival: Brazilian luxury costume specialist opens doors of his studio to Mindelo groups

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dec 10 (Inforpress) – The Mindelo Carnival delegation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marveled at the refinement of luxury costumes executed by Zezito Ávila, considered one of the best figures of highlight of the Brazilian Carnival.

In a visit to the studio of the man who says “to breathe the samba”, a mix of amazement and charm reigned within the Mindelo delegation for the beauty of the costumes from other carnivals exposed there and “showered” questions about all the details to make the pieces.

Zezito Ávila explained and showed everything, including the pieces under construction he will parade this year in at least three samba schools since, although he has been with Beija-Flor for 40 years, he has recently honored several samba schools in Brazil.

To Inforpress and about the Cabo Verde / Brazil partnership, Zezito Ávila stated that exchange is “always good and important”, and if it is cultural, then “even better”. “I think this rapprochement we have with Cabo Verde, through this partnership, is of fundamental importance to people, as human beings, because it allows us to exchange ideas and knowledge,” he said. So his studio is “always open” to help” whatever it takes”as both sides “only have to gain”.


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