Cabo Verde’s first Independent Radio and Television Council (RTC) constituted

Praia, Apr 22 (Inforpress) – The Cabo Verde’s first Independent Radio and Television Council (RTC) is already constituted, respecting the approval, presented by the Government’s initiative, of the Decree-Law nº 49/2019 proposal, of November 12 of the company’s new statutes.

According to a government statement, the Independent Council (CI) is made up of five nominee members, namely journalists Daniel Medina and Antonieta Moreira, researcher Eurídice Monteiro, engineer Fernando Jorge Tavares, from  the National Association of Municipalities, and Humberto Elísio Conceição, representing RTC workers.

The document clarifies that the Independent Council will be the body responsible for choosing the new members (three) who  will comprise the future Board of Directors of this public communications agency in Cabo Verde and for the supervision and internal inspection of the compliance of the obligations of a public radio and television service.

The same source recalls that the Government of the 9th Legislature has been implementing a “deep legislative change” linked to the media sector, endowing the country with “objective elements in the reinforcement of one of the fundamental pillars of the Democratic Rule of Law, freedom of the press.



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