Cabo Verdeans with vacancies and scholarships to study in Portugal exempt of financial proof to obtain visas

Praia, Jun 12 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verdean students with vacancies and scholarships for undergraduate courses in Portugal no longer need the proof financial means to obtain visas such as it was happening with case of refusal of visas by the consulate.

The information was released today by the Minister of Education, Maritza Rosabal, during a parliamentary hearing in the Special Committee on Education, Culture, Health, Youth, Sport and Social Affairs.

Confronted by the PAICV’s MP José Sanches, with the situation of students who even having places to study in Portugal are denied the visa of permanence for lack of evidence of means for survival, the ruler replied that this situation was resolved since October 2018.

“There is a European Union decision that students from Cabo Verde who have vacancies or scholarships for Higher Education with university tuition will not require this process of presentation of the financial proof. This for Higher Education.

“At the moment, if the person has registration there will be no other problem,” said the minister.



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