Cabo Verde is the last destination for a young Brazilian in adventure to know the 196 countries of the world

Praia, Nov 22 (Inforpress) – The Brazilian Anderson Dias arrives this Friday, 22, in Sal Island, to fulfill in this way the last stage of a round the world, whose objective is to know the 196 countries in just over a year.

“I already have in my hands the boarding pass for the last country. I already have the boarding pass for Cabo Verde. I’m so thrilled, I can’t contain my excitement,” said the young man in a video recorded at the Canary Islands airport and posted to his Instagram account, 196 Sanhos, where from the beginning he reports in real time all his route and lived adventures.

Anderson Dias, 25, also told Inforpress that, so far, he is only guaranteed to stay in Sal Island. This Brazilian embarked on May 27, 2018 to make this personal dream come true and enter into Guinness World Records. The record is to be the first person to know in less time all the countries of the planet earth.

At this moment, Anderson already holds three records: at 25, managed to be the first and only Brazilian to know 100 countries in a row without returning to Brazil, the youngest Brazilian in the world to know 100 countries and the fastest human in the world to know the whole American continent (90 days).



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