Cabo Verde and Equatorial Guinea sign four cooperation agreements on Tuesday

Praia, Apr 16 (Inforpress) – Cabo Verde and Equatorial Guinea sign four cooperation agreements in the City of Praia this Tuesday, namely in the field of mutual protection and promotion of investments, prevention of tax evasion, visa waiver and mutual recognition of driving licenses.

Meanwhile, during a visit by the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Mbasogo, to Cabo Verde, Cabo Verde’s foreign ministers and Equatorial Guinea met on Monday afternoon to analyze the state of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

According to the Foreign Minister of Cabo Verde, Luís Filipe Tavares, all issues of interest to the two countries were addressed in the framework of the agreements that will be signed and also analyzed the issue of trade cooperation, strengthening bilateral political dialogue in the bilateral framework and multilateral consultations and periodic political consultations.

In the particular case of visa waiver for entry into the country, the minister recalled that the archipelago has visa waiver packages with several countries of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) and stressed that they are working with a lot of “responsibility and keenly” to achieve mobility in the space of the CPLP, during the presidency of Cabo Verde in the community.



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