Brava: Students at the secondary school host a research team from the Faculty of Economics of Universidade Nova Lisboa

Nova Sintra, Dec 8 (Inforpress) – A research team from the Faculty of Economics of the Universidade Nova Lisboa (Portugal) is in Brava today on a research project to understand the future prospects of 12th grade students at the Eugénio Tavares Secondary School (ESET).

According to the coordinator of Secondary Education at the Delegation of the Ministry of Education of Brava, João Paulo Silva, the research is in partnership with the National Directorate of Education of Cabo Verde, and it has been underway since last year.

As he said, the research is being carried out at national level and in all secondary schools in Cabo Verde, with the aim of informing and trying to find out the decisions of pre-university students and their decisions at the end of secondary school.

“The aim of the group is to help students make more conscious and informed decisions”, he highlighted.

Student Viviane Cardoso, a 12th year Humanistic student, highlighted that they are collaborating with this research, as it brings guidance and information provided by the Portuguese team that are “an added value”.



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